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GCOWE 97 Presidents & Academic Deans Consultation

The Presidents & Academic Deans "SET THE EXAMPLE"

In a stirring summary evaluation Dr. Robert E. Coleman called upon presidents and deans of theological schools to take leadership in mobilizing their school as instruments in the accomplishment of goals of "a church for every people and the gospel for every person". "All of us", he said, "should seek to set a personal example of a great Commission lifestyle".

In addition, Coleman emphasized that there be no contradiction between effective ministry training - whether formal, non-formal or informal - and academic excellence.

Reviewing the resolutions of the PAD consultation, Coleman issued a ringing call for presidents and deans to focus upon seeing God fill the world with the glory of His name.

Building upon Peter Kuzmic's call for the theological educators to give credibility to the truth of the gospel through vulnerability and contextualisation and Willie Crew's exciting description of the development of a missionary movement in South Africa, Olapade Tokun, International Director of CAPRO, stressed the dire need of today to produce men and women with vision for the remaining unreached people. "The vision of the school is the vision of the leader", insisted Tokun. Mission awareness changes the focus of students and sets a fire within them, he asserted.

"As Theology goes, so goes our mission," the newly appointed director of a Biblical Seminary in India speaking on the theme 'Theological Training for Effectiveness amidst Diverse Cultures'.

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