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GCOWE 97 Summary of the 10 Consultations

Thursday, July 3, 1997

This list summarizes who is involved in each of the consultations, and the goal of their discussions. Keep this information in mind as you review the daily reports.

Business Executives

Who:Successful business and government leaders
Goal:Using business skills to penetrate restricted access countries and to find creative financing opportunities for frontier mission endeavors.

Mission Executives

Who:Heads of missionary sending agencies and denominations
Goal:Cooperation to ensure that *all* unreached people groups receive some missionaries. (Appropriate spread of resources where needed.)

Caring for the Poor and Needy

Who:Those already ministering to the poor and needy
Goal:Cooperation to better help meet the huge material needs of those most in need of the gospel.

African National Initiatives

Who:Missionary leaders from all African countries
Goal:How the national church in each country can reach out to its country's unreached peoples and to assure that all segments of society are reached.

Training for Church Planting Movements

Who:Church planting trainers and field church planters
Goal:Discover methods for training networks of church planters, i.e. ways to teach the methods that will lead to *multiplying* growth of indigenous churches amongst unreached peoples.

South Africa Local Pastors

Who:Pastors of South African churches
Goal:Developing a coordinated, racially integrated approach to mission mobilization, and sending missionaries from South Africa to the needy parts of the world.

Presidents & Academic Deans

Who:Heads of theological training institutions
Goal:Adapting current training centres to train missionaries to go to the remaining cultures where they are most needed.

University Students & Youth Leaders

Who:Leaders of ministries to young people and college students
Goal:Harnessing the energy of the youth in reaching those most in need of the gospel.

Worship & Performing Arts in Mission

Who:Gifted Christian artists and heads of like ministries
Goal:Using the arts to gain access to restricted countries and to win a hearing for the gospel through non-threatening presentations.


Who:Leaders in children's ministry
Goal:Coordinated strategic initiatives and effective global child evangelism; mobilizing children in world evangelization; both locally as well as amongst the unreached people groups.

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