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GCOWE 97 The Performing Arts Consultation

Thursday, July 3, 1997

The Performing Arts - a prophetic voice to the nations

During this morning's session in the Performing Arts Consultation, Dr. Colin Harbinson expressed his conviction that the Arts could lead the way as a prophetic revelational voice to open up nations to the Gospel. The Arts could be a spearhead, opening up the way for the preaching of the Gospel and opportunities for business, education, medicine, technology, etc.

Dr. Harbinson, who is the International Dean for the College of the Arts in the University of the Nations, stated that one of the keys to the nations is an appreciation of their art and interaction with their artists and musicians.

He said that Art has a unique ability to inspire people's imaginations. He stated that Art contains universal truths and was a universal language. Art has the power to heighten our perception of reality and to be a prophetic voice.

Dr. Harbinson stated that, because of sin and rebellion, much of man's cultural expression had become distorted. Man had "exchanged the truth of God for a lie." He said that God wished to bring all cultures and peoples back into harmony with God's original plan. The Arts could be used in this process of restoration.

He affirmed that God has given us the ministry of reconciliation as believers. However, before God can use us to restore other cultures, we need to examine ourselves to see whether or not there are any distortions in our own lives emanating from our cultures. It was not enough for Isaiah to say: "Here I am; send me." (Isaiah 6). He first needed to catch a glimpse of his own sin and the sinfulness of his own cultural group.

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