GCOWE 97 African National Initiatives

Thursday, July 3, 1997

Evangelising the world:
Strategies to get the "job" done

Extraordinary strategies are coming into place to move us closer to getting the job done of evangelising the world, and especially unreached people groups. This became clear by listening to reports of various "task forces" who gave presentations during the Africa National Initiatives Consultation Tuesday morning. Together these task forces have amazing capacity to reach everyone with the Gospel.

Dr Dick Eastman of Every Home for Christ, who was one of the speakers, compared these task forces to the workings of an army consisting of an air force and land forces. The air force would be the missions, who use radio, TV and audio presentations to further the Gospel. Among the land forces would be those foot soldiers who go to every home to spread the Gospel. The key note address was by Dr Tokunboh Adeyemo who emphasized that this is Africa's hour ... "let's get moving!" (His report will be highlighted in tomorrow's newspaper.) Leaders from the major networks of the global AD2000 & Beyond Movement called on expert fieldmen and researchers to share on effective models that would be used to reach the continent with the Gospel.

The models were introduced by

Stephen Boakye-Yiadom and helpers revealed remarkable ways in which radio services can join hands to provide Gospel material in many languages of unreached peoples. A number of churches were planted solely as a result of radio transmissions of the Gospel. John Bendor-Samuel interviewed African translators from various African countries who gave touching examples of translations of scripture into the languages of unreached peoples groups. Unless the Bible is translated in these languages, there is no way in which to communicate the Gospel.

The three presentations on audio communication, media and TV and Gods Word and Literature showed in particular how very possible reaching every person with the Gospel really is. The audio communication presentation demonstrated effectively how people can be reached right where they live. Media and television networking, largely sponsored by CBN International, showed how combined strategy of using TV where possible together with systematic house visitations, produce great results. Proof of this was a video on an outreach in Kinshasha where 1.2 million people received Jesus during one outreach.

Dr Dick Eastman of Every Home for Christ (EHC) told how his mission group is involved in many of these initiatives. Audio messages are recorded for illiterates and the Gospel in printed form have been taken by EHC and helpers to more than 100 nations. EHC has been significantly involved in Zaire together with CBN and others to reach every person in Kinshasha. Dr Eastman concluded: "There is no doubt now that partnerships among missionary agencies promote great response and it is clear that the Great Commission can be accomplished in our time.

During the afternoon sessions Dr Luis Bush explained Joshua Project 2000. Probably a new chapter of Acts is being written. It can be called "the African Chapter" because the African Church has a message to today's world. While a third of the 1739 Joshua Project 2000 least-reached peoples is in Africa, a full half of the 579 remaining groups without a reported church planting movement is here.

Dr Bush was followed by Rev. Philipp Botha on the unreached people's adoption programme. Mobilization models then were presented on Nigeria and Chad. Rene Daidanso spoke on dealing with the real powers of darkness. The meetings were interspersed with prayer times. Other presentations included the Jesus Marches around the world and the Jesus film project.

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