GCOWE 97 Poor & Needy Consultation

Wednesday, July 2, 1997
Dan Brewster, Compassion Intl

Key: Break the cycle

Focus on prayer and repentance; teaching on redeeming the land/people from the curse over the land/people group/person. Break the curse of poverty and control, and manipulation.

The day began with a "story" about ministry among the poorest in Indonesia. Discussions then followed in various sub-groups on specific interventions to alleviate suffering and present the Gospel to the needy.

Dan Brewster, with a presentation on the "4/14 Window," led off the afternoon session emphasizing the importance of focusing on children as we pursue our global evangelism strategies. He noted that children are very receptive, and often present door openers to persons ministering in difficult or closed areas. At the same time, children's ministries can have significant impact on church growth, effective leadership development, and on community and other development efforts.

Patrick McDonald spoke again on the need and processes of global networking, and presented concrete suggestions about how to and with whom to network.

The feedback sessions then provided opportunity for sharing of the ideas, stories, vision, and practical interventions of wholistic ministry to the poor and needy.

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