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GCOWE 97 Mission Executives Track

Day 2 -- Wednesday, July 2, 1997

"I wrote some books. In order to make my point, I made some extreme statements. If I had it to do over again, I would do it differently. I have learned that I am only a tiny dot in the whole picture." With this type of contrite statement, K P Yohannan from India begged the forgiveness of the mission executives gathered at Central Baptist Church on Wednesday morning for distancing himself from them with his critical statements.

Luis Bush was quick to jump up and throw his arm around KP's shoulders. "Will you forgive KP?" Bush queried the crowd. The men and women gathered indicated that they would.

Yohannen then explained the process which has changed his organization, Gospels for Asia, from primarily a fund-raising organization, to a missionary training organization. The change came from a confrontation with Dr. Ralph Winter ten years ago. Winter posed the question "What are you doing to reach the unreached?" Yohannen returned to the leadership of GFA to say "If we say we are reaching the unreached in our generation, let's be authentic." They were challenged with the fact that they were not targeting unreached groups at all. They decided to survey 100 unreached groups.

"Some of our people walked for two weeks just to reach a group. We came up with information about 100 groups. We sent the information through to our 29 Bible Colleges. Now we have teams in thirty of these 100 groups." In fact, the enthusiasm has been so great among the over-2,000 students in training, that we had to add another 100 groups. A few weeks ago, a survey showed that 30 of the original 100 have functioning churches. The mission's criteria for a functional church is at least 30 baptized believers.

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