GCOWE 97 Business Executives Consultation

Wednesday, July 2, 1997
By David Minty

Business executives taking up the challenge to fly

Business executives declared spiritual warfare on Tuesday as Executive Director Luis Bush led the members of the Business Executive Consultation in consecration to the vision, values and vitality of AD2000.

Reminded of how Boaz signaled the redemption of Ruth with the exchange of a sandal (Ruth 4:7 - 10), the 600 delegates removed their shoes and committed their work and their lives to God. They embraced the opportunity to apply their business and professional skills, resources and opportunities to the challenge of "a church for every people and the gospel for every person by the year 2000." Luis challenged us to be transformed like the Israelites from a people under Moses to an army under Joshua.

On Monday night, Consultation Leader, J. Gunnar Olsen, told all GCOWE'97 delegates that, until now, the involvement of business executives with the Joshua Project 2000 had been like an egg flying. The egg has all the potential for flight but not the right form to be effective for long. His vision is that Christian business people will break out of that shell and fly like eagles as part of the AD2000 adventure.

Olsen expanded on that vision at Tuesday's session. Reminding us of the donkey that carried Jesus into Jerusalem, he asked: "Are we business people prepared to be used as the vehicle for Christ's entry to the unreached people of the world? Or will we, like the dove-sellers in the temple when Christ entered Jerusalem, be doing a useful job, but not the RIGHT job at the RIGHT time?"

Landa Cope, an International Dean of the University of the Nations, challenged us to consider the biblical model for discipling all nations: that our call is not just to salvation but to establish the Kingdom of God. The book of Deuteronomy tells the story of the creation of Israel, and how God's plan converted a refugee camp to a nation - a potent model for the twenty-first century. The people of God were told to possess the Promised Land - to be obedient to all his laws and principles as well as to pray; to run a nation once they had been saved.

The President of Benin, His Excellency M. Kerekou invited us to join the adventure of creating a common minimum standard of living for all his people, including income-generating activities, to truly liberate his people. And while Benin is a small nation, His Excellency sees that with its sea access and other opportunities, it has power to influence not only its West African neighbors but also the whole world for the Kingdom. What vision from a Head of State! We asked God to back his declaration and the promises he has made to his people and look forward to our involvement in that adventure

With presentations from other speakers, delegates are well-prepared and inspired to fly with the challenge of developing patterns for business involvement in the vision of the AD2000 and Beyond movement through their workshop sessions today and tomorrow.

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