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GCOWE'97 - Monday, June 30th


The Global Consultation on World Evangelization 1997 officially opened today here in Pretoria South Africa. The opening session was held at Hatfield church with a capacity crowd of 5,000 people. For the nearly 4,000 delegates the opening worship songs were a culmination of a year of planning and a taste of what heaven will be like when people worship at the throne from every nation.

Facts and Trends Emerge:

Fact: 3930 Delegates are registered from 135 countries as of 30 June, 1997.

Observation: 80% of the delegates are citizens of countries that formerly were viewed as missionary receiving countries. This consultation shows that the missionary leadership base is now firmly established in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Fact: GCOWE participants are 76.5% men and 23.5% women
Observation: Women have a strong presence in missionary leadership.

Fact: Total GCOWE registration fees came 64% from Africa, Asia and Latin America. 36% came from Western Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
Observation: GCOWE 97 is being financed primarily through citizens of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Fact: 16% of the delegates calls themselves an AD2000 core leader.
Observation: GCOWE 97 is not confined only to the AD2000 and Beyond Movement.

Fact: 11% of the delegates attended GCOWE 95 in Korea
5% of the delegates attended Lausanne 89.
3.7% of the delegates attended Amsterdam 86.
Observation: New people are being exposed to this Global Consultation rather than just the same people attending consultation after consultation.

Fact: 30% of the delegates have an e-mail address.
Observation: Missionary leaders are keeping up with new technology to network with one another.

Fact: 5% of the delegates are age 60 or older
18% of the delegates are age 50 to 59
36% of the delegates are age 40 to 49
30% of the delegates are age 30 to 39
10% of the delegates are under age 30
Observation: There is a pretty even age spread among GCOWE delegates. This shows that missions is benefiting from the wisdom of the older people. This also gives some indication that there will be enough replacements when the oldest generation retires.

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