Worship & Arts


Among the highest priorities for the people of God is to become the Bride of Christ, loving her Lord, and participating in the passions and purposes of his heart. The Bride shares her love to Christ through her worship, and declares Christ's love to the world through witness. A people passionately in love with Jesus will find appropriate expressions of that love through lavish worship. In turn, they will also seek meaningful ways to share God's love for the world through appropriate witness. Both the worship and witness demonstrate the attractiveness of the Gospel. Artistic expressions through music and various communication art forms have been powerful tools to help God's people accomplish these dual roles.


The mandate of the Worship and Arts track is to mobilize and enable the numerous worship, music, and arts related movements which God has been raising up on all continents, and throughout all branches of biblical Christianity to a greater use of worship and artistic expressions as part of the task of seeing a vital church for every people and making the Gospel available for every person by the year AD 2000.



Byron Spradlin
Coordinator, AD 2000 Music & Art Network
Director, Artists in Christian Testimony
Frank Fortunato
Co-Coordinator, AD 2000 Music & Art Network
Director of Music, Operation Mobilisation