Making GCOWE Become a Reality Back Home

"How do we sort out what we learned from the AD 2000 & Beyond Movement and find the strategies that God wants us to use?"
"My church is involved in evangelism, but for every one who comes into the front door of the church, two go out the `back door.' What do we need to do to build the church?"
"People cannot hear us talking about spiritual things when their stomachs are empty. What is the `good news' for them?"
"Islam has doubled in our country in the last 10 years. What are we supposed to do?"

The Challenge:

The challenge is for you as a local, national, and regional leader to develop strategies and manage your resources to see the goals of the AD 2000 movement fulfilled for your part of the world. You are blessed with the multitude of insights and strategies provided by the various tracks and task forces. Almost like a huge platter filled with an amazing array of nourishing dishes, the materials and resources of the tracks are being made available to you.

Now you face the daunting task of sorting through this array to build effective ministries of evangelization in your unique situation. What is appropriate in our setting? What should our specific goals be? Where will we find the resources to carry out our goals? How can we best utilize these materials which have been provided?

Our Purpose:

The Task Force for Strategy and Resource Development has come into existence to help you as a leader find your own unique answers to these and other questions, believing that this is possible. God is still creating as He works through us to build thoughtful, culturally appropriate, localized initiatives that jointly address the need for eternal salvation and critical issues of social justice and economic development.

Our Task:

If world evangelization is to occur, local leaders need to be equipped to cope with today's challenges. In every country the church and its agencies must develop leaders who can respond to the physical as well as spiritual needs of her people. It needs to be able to manage its resources and plan strategically for ministry. In short, our churches and agencies face many challenges that pastors and ministry leaders have never been trained to meet --

Our Method -- Practical On-field Training and Counsel:

This task force comes alongside where you live and work in two ways:

Through Biblically-grounded educational materials which focus directly on the challenges you face.

These materials do not require you to have a university degree. They consist of sets of audio tapes and practical workbooks which contain helpful readings and assignments which guide you in application. These materials are interactive -- you listen to a few minutes of the tape and then stop and respond to the questions that directly relate to your ministry situation.

Through a local or regional "field associate" who acts as a consultant in helping you work through and apply what you have learned.

We are in the process of recruiting volunteer Field Associates -- men and women who are already skilled in helping others develop effective ministry. They become members of the Task Force Network. The Network, in turn, helps Field Associates by providing educational materials which they can adapt to the local situation. There will be ongoing interaction throughout the Network in the form of feedback of outcomes, seminars and workshops, and sharing of ideas.

Contact Us:

The communications office for this task force is:

The Center for Organizational Excellence
Eastern College
10 Fairview Drive
St. Davids, PA 19087-3696
Voice: [1] (610) 341-1566
Fax: [1] (610) 341-5910
E-Mail Internet:
Chairman: Reuben Ezemadu, Nigeria
Chairman, Nigeria Evangelical Mission Association
Co-Coordinator: James Engel
Executive Director, Center for Organizational Excellence
Co-Coordinator: Jane Overstreet
Associate Director, Center for Organizational Excellence