The Taiwan Model - Joan Shia

I am grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to report to you on the women's ministry network of the Year 2000 Gospel Movement and to testify that God has revealed His marvelous power by the unity of all denominations in Taiwan.

The Year 2000 Gospel Movement was founded by 34 denominations and parachurch organizations. They together set a goal that before December of the year 2000 there will be two million Christians, who are 10% of Taiwan's population, ten thousand churches, and two hundred overseas missionaries.

The Year 2000 Gospel Movement was started in February 1991, when a gospel conference was held. There were 1600 pastors and lay leaders from every denomination participating in this conference, in which we experienced the working of the Holy Spirit. God gave us a repentant heart as well as the same vision; that is, we made the decision to join together to advance the gospel in the coming ten years.

From 1991 to 1994, the growth rate of the Christian population in Taiwan has increased to 6% from 2%. Also there is a steady increase in the number of churches; originally there were 2666 churches and now there are 3300. Besides, there were 20 missionaries sent from Taiwan in 1991 but there are now 57 ones. Although we are not sure whether we will achieve our expected goal of two million Christians, ten thousand churches, and two hundred missionaries, yet, at the least, most churches in Taiwan are bound together to walk in God's presence by His miracle-working grace.

There are several ministries advancing simultaneously under the guidance of the Year 2000 Gospel Movement:

Among the evangelism ministries, every year one particular group is chosen as a target for evangelism. In 1991, we focused on children's ministry; in 1992, youth ministry; in 1993 senior citizen ministry; in 1994, women's ministry, and in 1995, blue-collar ministry.

And among all the ministry networks, the women's ministry, which is responsible for advancing Christian women's renewal and women's evangelism, is very important. In November 1992, we created a promotion committee for the Year of Women's Ministry, 1994, which was made up of 16 persons from 14 denominations.

How do we mobilize the women in Taiwan churches so that they have the same vision? We held a conference on Christian women's mission. We hoped to integrate all Christian women's resources before the Year of Women's Ministry in 1994. Therefore this conference was held in August, 1993; 2500 women - spiritual leaders from about 40 denominations - took part in this meeting. There were special topics, spiritual renewal sessions and small group discussions at this conference. In addition, the main speakers were all female.

The primary work of the women's ministry network includes:

As for the prayer movement, we divided the whole of Taiwan into four geographical areas, where a concert of prayer took place in one half of the year and an inner healing workshop in the other half of the year. The participants included pastors' wives, female pastors and assistant pastors, directors of leaders of prayer groups, and sisters who work in the ministry of inner healing from all the churches. There were 500 people in total taking part in these two training courses. After finishing the training, those trainees have been devoted to the development of prayer ministry in their churches. In these four geographical areas, we also held a workshop on women's ministry, including how to establish women's ministry, how to invite people to fellowships, how to design creative materials for a fellowship or cell group, and so on. There were nearly 800 female pastors and assistant pastors, lay leaders and pastors' wives participating.

For the evangelism ministry work, we divided Taiwan into ten geographical areas. Each area has a preparatory committee and we have provided them with a variety of evangelism methods. They choose suitable methods to use in special meetings to share the gospel. Therefore, there are evangelism meetings using traditional methods, or seminars on women and family, or special banquets or traveling gospel programs - a considerable diversity of approaches.

For churches in Taiwan, such women's ministry work is extraordinary, because there has never been a united and cross-denominational women's ministry. The responses and results have been promising and positive. Though 1994, the Year of women's ministry, is past, our women's ministry work has not been finished. We will still mobilize all the Christian women in Taiwan to constantly develop women's ministry, prayer and the growth of women's fellowships from 1995 until the year 2000.

The above report is concerned with only women's ministry of the Year 2000 Gospel Movement. What God has achieved in us through this Movement is greater than what I report here, but time doesn't permit me to go into greater detail. May our almighty God receive the glory. However, you may think that the hearts of Taiwan's people are receptive to the gospel because of the achievements I am reporting. But I'm afraid you're wrong. There are numerous temples in every place and it's very difficult to preach the gospel in Taiwan. So this is the reason why God is uniting churches from every denomination to be one through the Year 2000 Gospel Movement in Taiwan.

I beg you, sisters and brothers in the Lord, to pray for Taiwan day and night. We pray that God can remove all factors hindering the revival of Taiwan's churches. We Taiwan Christians have a deep burden in our heart; we believe that God not only has blessed our country's political and economic growth, but also will bring spiritual revival to the churches in Taiwan so that the churches in Taiwan can take responsibility for preaching the gospel to Mainland China and to overseas Chinese all over the world. Please pray for us. Thank you very much.

Joan Shia, Taiwan
Year 2000 Gospel Movement in Taiwan