GCOWE '95 Principles

Global Consultation On World Evangelization

A Mid-Decadal Global Strategy Meeting On World Evangelization


A church for every people and the gospel for every person by AD2000


Seoul, Korea


May 17-26, 1995


The purpose of GCOWE '95 is to encourage continued momentum building toward the fullfillment of the goal of a church for every people and the gospel for every people by the year 2000.



Expected Outcomes


The principle of a spiritual movement
The Exodus was a divinely initiated movement. This was a spiritual movement, from slavery to salvation to service. It was also an awesome physical movement with over one million people moving from Egypt through the desert to the promised land over a 40-year period. Even when God's people were disobedient and stiff-necked God brought them along because of His faithfulness. The prayerful intent of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement and GCOWE '95 is to cooperate with what the Holy Spirit is doing in our time.
The principle of consultation of the Body of Christ
In the account of the movement of God's people at the time of the Exodus, prior to the charge to Pharaoh to let God's people go, Moses consulted first with Aaron and then with the elders and also spoke to God's people. Moses received the vision from God and then consulted with God's people. Throughout the consultation process in th AD 2000 & Beyond Movement and GCOWE '95 there is growing awareness of what the contextual realities and the obstacles are, and what it will take to accomplish the goals for the country, region, and resource network.
The principle of indigenization
The vision must be born of the Holy Spirit within the spiritual leaders of a nation, as in the case of Moses and Aaron. It became a grassroots vision. It was owned by every one of God's people. For the world to be evangelized by the year 2000, the vision must be owned by the body of Christ in every continent and nation of the world. It must become the vision of the Church in that part of the world. The leaders among God's people must own the vision and be prepared to support it. Consequently, each participant to GCOWE '95 is being encouraged to raise their international travel costs by sharing the vision with their churches, friends, family and denominations.
The principle of cooperation
As each family member took up their appointed duties in cooperation with the purpose of the Exodus, it was fulfilled. A church for every people by the year 2000 is too great for any one organization or denomination to adopt as its own. It's a task worthy of and requiring the active participation of the entire body of Christ. Whether local church, denomination, or Christian organization, it is something we can all cooperate together in and in this we will be glorifying God. Also, it is too much of a task for either traditional missions, or emerging missions or western missions versus nonwestern missions, men versus women, the younger generation versus the older generation. Together, all have a vital part to play in this cooperative God-ordained effort.

Participant Selection Criteria

Program Agenda

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