Praying Through the Window II

Praying Through the Window II


Praying Through the Window II is the second global prayer focus to be organized by the AD 2000 United Prayer Track. During October 1993 over 23 million Christians in 105 nations prayed for 62 nations in the 10/40 Window. Some 257 intercessory prayer teams prayed on site in these nations. In October 1995 the focus will be the 100 Gateway Cities. 30 to 50 million Christians around the world are expected to pray. Over 10,000 intercessors are being mobilized to pray on site in the Gateway Cities.

Several resources have been prepared to facilitate effective intercession. The first is a 31-day prayer calendar arranged so that 3 or 4 Gateway Cities are prayed for daily. Also included with each city is its country, population, location and predominant religion. The 100 cities are highlighted on a map of the 10/40 Window prepared by Global Mapping. The calendar is not copyrighted, and Christians are encouraged to translate, reproduce, and distribute it widely. Completed translations should be forwarded to the Christian Information Network.

Light the Window is a video that tells the story of Praying Through the Window. Produced by CBN International, Light the Window contains two versions; a full-length version (27:37) and a condensed version (11:30), available either in NTSC or PAL format. Key Christian leaders describe the spiritual need within the 10/40 Window and how God is using prayer to fulfill the Great Commission. Footage from several of the Gateway Cities graphically portrays the physical power of poverty as well. The concept of on-site prayer journeys is explained. The video closes with an invitation to join the millions of Christians who will be praying and journeying this October.

Finally, a book called Praying Through the 100 Gateway Cities of the 10/40 Window has been published by YWAM Publishing, edited by C. Peter Wagner, Stephen Peters, and Mark Wilson. Introductory articles by noted authorities on prayer and the 10/40 Window -- Michael Little, Luis Bush, Fred Markert, Viv Grigg, and C. Peter Wagner -- open the book. Its heart is a one-page profile on each Gateway City, which presents vital information on the city's political, economic, and religious status as well as its religious sites, background, and history. A map locates the city in its geographic region. The profile concludes with specific prayer requests gathered from in-city believers and workers. Listed at the book's four regional breaks are the top unreached people groups in each city.

Copies of the calendar, video, and book are available from the Christian Information Network, 11025 State Highway 83, Colorado Springs, CO, 80921, USA. If you desire to pray on site this October in one or more of the 100 Gateway Cities, please indicate your interest by filling out the following form.