Mobilizing Global Prayer for Evangelism

Hundreds of international and national coordinators all over the world are working together under the Prayer Track to identify, motivate, and release qualified prayer networks. Many new and exciting forms of corporate prayer are bringing the Body of Christ together in spiritual unity never before seen.

International prayer networks working in cooperation with the United Prayer Track are Concerts of Prayer, Women's Aglow, Christian Information Network, Generals of Intercession, Lausanne Global Prayer Strategy, March for Jesus, Campus Crusade World Prayer Crusade, Spiritual Warfare Network, Every Home for Christ Jericho Chapters, Lydia Fellowship, Prayer Support Networks, End-Time Handmaidens, International Fellowship of Intercessors, Intercessors International, Esther Network Intenational, Christ for the City, World Methodist Council, King's Kids, YWAM Cardinal Points, Southern Baptist Bold Mission Prayer Thrust, Renewal International, Prayer Room Network, Muslim Prayer Focus, and Heal the Land.

Spiritual Mapping Division

Central to the activities of the United Prayer Track is the Spiritual Mapping Division under the leadership of George Otis, Jr. Spiritual mapping is an attempt to see our city (or nation or neighborhood) as it really is, not as it appears to be. It is a serious effort to discern the spiritual forces of the invisible world which directly influence the visible, everyday world and prevent men and women from hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Mapping resources may be obtained from

The Sentinel Group
P.O. Box 6334
Lynnwood, WA 98036 USA
Telephone: [1] (425) 672-2989
Fax: [1] (425) 672-3028

Strategic Prayer Evangelism Division

Is it possible to make prayer the central drawing mechanism of citywide evangelism instead of a mandatory add-on? The United Prayer Track thinks so, and Edguardo Silvoso of Harvest Evangelism has been making it happen.

The Strategic Prayer Evangelism Division is helping churches and Christian leaders all over the world discover practical ways of implementing this in their cities. This division may be contacted at

Harvest Evangelism
P.O. Box 20310
San Jose, CA 95160-0310 USA.

Praying Through the Window II: 100 Gateway Cities

Praying "on site with insight" is a key focus of the United Prayer Track. In October 1993, between 20 and 30 million Christians around the world were praying and fasting for the 62 nations of the 10/40 Window in a synchronized manner -- two nations per day. Meanwhile, 270 prayer journey teams from many nations moved into the 10/40 Window itself for warfare prayer behind enemy lines. We called this "Praying Through the Window."

The next major target for global prayer journeys will be the 100 most strategic gateway cities in the 10/40 Window. The time: October 1995. Called "Praying Through the Window II," the vision is for 30 to 50 million Christians to pray and fast for these cities through the month, three each day and four to five on Sundays. During the month it is planned that 100 intercessors will pray on site in each city, about 25 each week.

If you want to participate or need more information, call or write

Beverly Pegues
Christian Information Network
11025 Hwy. 83
Colorado Springs, CO 80921 USA
Tel: [1] (719) 522-1040
Fax: [1] (719) 548-9000.


Some of the important books for understanding how prayer can open the way for evangelism are:

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