Children's Global Prayer Movement

Children's Global Prayer Movement

The Charge

What about the children? Nearly two billion children age 12 and under will be alive on planet Earth by the year 2000. Indeed, the secular world's attention is focused on their human rights. What about the Church? Is it acknowledging their spiritual rights?

The Concept

The Children's Global Prayer Movement (CGPM) was planted in my heart and began its course in 1983 when the Lord showed me His view of the 90's children -- what He would birth in them; His plans and purposes for them: that they would be graced with a special anointing for such a time as this.

This new breed of children -- righteous seed -- sovereignly destined to fulfill God's eternal purposes, is indeed emerging. Entrusted to godly parents and mentors, being nurtured, trained and equipped for this hour, they are rising up as a mightily anointed force to petition God on behalf of their generation and world evangelism.

The Command

Jesus said, "Make room for the children; do not hinder them; the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them" (Luke 18:16). I believe the message of "transgenerationalism" being articulated in today's Church is also instrumental in bringing a recognition of and respect for a child's spirituality. Integrating children into the spiritual life of the Church affirms their value as spiritual beings.

In whatever form Jesus' admonition finds expression in our varied cultures, ethnicities, or religious contexts, the ground swell of God's sovereign design for this mighty host of anointed children to be raised up is now being demonstrated and proven worldwide.

The Challenge

Now, our CGPM vision is to mobilize millions of praying children, 12 years and under, worldwide to intercede for world evangelism and for the myriad issues that concern their generation. We call them "World Shapers" for the present and the future.

The GCOWE Commission

In response to a God-inspired request from Rev. Luis Bush and Dr. C. Peter Wagner, we accepted the assignment to believe the Lord for 50 specially anointed children to be official praying delegates to this mid-decadal GCOWE -- quite possibly a historic first. Yes, they are here, miraculously, God's chosen ones from many nations... for such a time as this!

"GCOWE 50" Delegates are from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Fiji, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and the United States.

From the profiles of the "GCOWE 50"

Delegates from two different countries represent groups who conduct their own weekly church services under adult supervision. One group holds two services weekly with approximately 800 children attending!

One delegate had a prophetic confirmation of being "planted by God" for the conference!

A nine-year-old delegate prophesies: "Children are a big part of prayer. They are and will be a very special part of My plan," God says.

Another, just eight, lies prostrate on our "Globall*," weeping for Tibetan children. God told her they are homeless and helpless.

Several conduct their own Bible studies and prayer meetings.

Update on the Children's Global Prayer Movement

The projected potential for millions of children joining this vast army is quickly becoming reality, having now surpassed the first million. Because we have done very little to promote the CGPM (we are all volunteers working out of a tiny space), it constantly amazes us to see how God is orchestrating its growth as networking and inquiries continue to accelerate.

Our dream: to categorically network orphanages, street children, children of prisoners, Christian schools, and others, worldwide.

Esther Network International

*ENI "Prayertools" such as the colorful, huggable "Globall," Prayer Spinner and "House of Prayer" cassette are all God-ideas given to us to help equip young intercessors to "Catch the Vision -- Get Global!"