Doubling the Global Mission Force

The Mobilizing New Missionaries Network of the AD 2000 Movement exists to "help the Body of Christ mobilize a new mission force for unreached peoples in our generation."

The focus of the network is to help bring about an international alliance of cooperative national missions movements working to raise up new missionaries. The primary target of the Mobilizing New Missionaries Network is the unreached peoples of the world with their staggering needs for gospel proclamation, church planting, and the establishment of the Kingdom of God in their midst.

These thousands of unreached people groups encompass over 1 billion of the world's people. They have in their midst very few believers and missionaries, and very few (if any) churches in their language and culture.

For these reasons and for the glory of the Lord Jesus, the Mobilizing New Missionaries Network seeks to raise up workers for them. The Mobilizing New Missionaries Network hopes to see national movements raise up as many as 200,000 or more new missionaries and indigenous church planters among the unreached in the next few years, with a vast percentage of those coming from developing nations. This so that our generation may do its part to see a church for every people by the year 2000.

In our plenary session at GCOWE '95, we have seven major sections: George Verwer starts off the plenary with introductions, and a message on "Why do we need more missionaries for unreached peoples?" George will give us a stirring and clear challenge to focus our efforts on the world's unreached people groups and on the critical need for more missionaries. As International Director of Operation Mobilization, George is well equipped to communicate the global needs and is considered by many to be one of the best recruiters for new missionaries across the world.

Next, the MNM plenary session includes a video on the 10/40 Window, produced by Operation Mobilization. This exciting music video gives a quick grasp of the 10/40 Window in a way that is very applicable to God's new mission force in the current generation. Then, Mr. Inho Kim of Mission Korea will present on "International Partnership for Reaching the Unreached", which is an overview of the key commitments we must have across the body of Christ in partnership for reaching unreached peoples.

Albert Seth Ocran of Torchbearers will portray important developments in "Mobilizing New Missionaries from Denominations and Local Churches." Mr. Ocran is a key missions mobilizer from Ghana, and has worked specifically for motivating, mobilizing, and monitoring Christians for missions in this nation and in West Africa.

In the next section, an unreached people mobilization video will be shown that was recently developed in France for dubbing into many different languages.

Gladys Acuna from Guatemala touches on the subject of "Our Commitment to Work Together for the Sake of Reaching Unreached Peoples." The key areas of partnership across denominations, across churches, and the need to partner with the Lord Jesus himself will be touched in this encouraging testimony by this key missions mobilizer for Latin America.

Finally, Pari Rickard, the International Coordinator for the AD 2000 Mobilizing New Missionaries Network, will give a closing commentary on "Mobilizing New Missionaries -- The Future." This will take a look at future directions, practical steps and the hopes of those who have attended the Mobilizing New Missionaries Network meetings during the week of GCOWE.

George Verwer, U.K.
Chairman, AD 2000 Mobilizing New Missionaries Network
International Director, OM International
Pari Rickard, U.K.
Coordinator, AD 2000 Mobilizing New Missionaries Network
Director, YWAM's Target 2000