Testimony of Mannu Rongong

I praise God for giving me this opportunity to share some of the things He has done in my life and the things He is doing now in the country of Nepal as an answer to your prayers.

I can't explain to you the unlimited work of a wonderful God in a limited time with a limited vocabulary. But I will try anyway.

God called my husband to serve Him in Nepal before we were married. We committed our lives for His service the very night of our wedding.

We started the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) in Nepal in 1976-- the country was closed for the gospel and the law against Christianity was very strong. The sentence for converting Hindus was six years of imprisonment. People who changed their religion had to go to prison for one year.

Under such circumstances we started the ministry. People began to come to the Lord, and we started training them to share their faith with others. The number of Christian began to multiply.

In 1982 the persecution began. Many pastors and leaders were arrested--some were beaten severely--many were ex-communicated from theirs families. My husband was one of those who was arrested. He was in custody for one month and was released on bail.

The situation became very tense. He had to report to the police station every month and we were being watched all the time. We couldn't do anything except pray.

My husband suggested that we should move down to the Indian border from where we could do more work in North East India, Bhutan and even inside Nepal.

We stared praying and God gave me a promise from Jeremiah 42:10-12 where it says, "If you stay in the land I'll not uproot you but build you up. . . . Do not be afraid of the king of [Nepal], whom you now fear. Do not be afraid of him, declares the LORD, for I am with you and will save you and deliver you from his hands."

We decided to stay in the country but after a few years my husband's case, together with others, went to the supreme court and he was given six years imprisonment plus he had to leave the country after serving six years in prison. Our lawyer and leaders suggested us to leave the country before going to prison.

My husband had to leave but I stayed back holding God's promise and trusting Him to fulfill it. I had to go through so much at that time that I cannot list down everything but I would say the devil did every possible thing to push me out of the country--that was the toughest time of my life. It was difficult for my friends and leader to watch me going though all these. They began to force me to go to India and join my husband and be a moral support to him.

I asked for three months time and said if the Lord doesn't do anything to keep this promise I will leave. I together with other women continued praying. And just then the agitation began in Kathmandu. People began to protest against the king. As the three months passed the democracy was announced and amnesty was granted to the religious prisoners.

My husband was able to come back and continue the ministry, and we are experiencing wonderful blessings.

God opened the door of the country and the number of Christians and churches are multiplying. It has become difficult to keep track. Only in Kathmandu valley, before the democracy was announced we had 9-10 churches. Now we have 65 churches.

God has raised many women to pray for the country. Not only for our own country but for other countries of the world.

One woman gave her life's savings to have a prayer seminar after she attended a prayer conference. She said, "I was feeling so unworthy thinking I can't do anything for my Lord because I cannot read or write. Now I've learned that I can change the lives of people of my nation and others through my prayer. I want all the women in my church to learn to pray for the extension of God's kingdom."

We had the prayer seminar in her church. Over 250 women participated from 22 churches and now their church is growing.

In another church where we had prayer seminars the people are overflowing. At the end of the seminar the pastor of the church got up and said, "The church is growing because of the praying women of my church." Afterward he came to me and said, "You know, you are responsible for this problem. Now we need to build another church and you have to help us raise money for the church building." I told him, "Through the prayers of women God has given you so many people in your church. Ask and he'll give you the home to worship Him." My husband was there last month to dedicate their new church building.

Our God is not only a God of wonderful promises but He is a God who keeps them in a wonderful way. Praise be to Him.

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