A Call to Country-Wide Initiatives - Kim Jon Gon


We have several goals for AD 2000 that we want to share with you:

Methods for reaching our goals

Intercessory Prayer Movement

Preparation to evangelize North Korea

The North Korean system is a counterfeit religion. Kim Il Sung, the late dictator, is their messiah-figure. With the deification of their leader, North Korea can be considered to be pre-evangelized_their hearts have already accepted a false messiah. They should be spiritually ready to accept the true Messiah. Soon God will open the doors to North Korea. At that time, 100,000 students (SM2000) will postpone their schooling for one year and travel to 4,300 districts in the North as a unification corps. With love and the gospel they will form 20,000 Jesus groups, similar to the house churches in China. When these cell groups grow in to churches, the denominations will take over to manage them. Teams of parents will support these missionaries with intercessory prayer.

Evangelization of the whole nation

Korea has the potential of becoming the only Christianized country among the non-Western nations. However, the Christian population of 25% has not increased for several years. In fact, the percentage of Christians is slowly decreasing. Let us have a revival like the 1970s, so that the majority of the nation will make Jehovah-God as our nation's God and make Jesus Christ as our Lord; let the Bible become the standard of our faith and behavior, and let us send 100,000 missionaries so that we will become a mission- minded Korea. To accomplish these goals, we will strive to pray fervently and plan enthusiastically.

Mobilization of the Whole Nation through a Multi-purpose Evangelism Conference Model

In the 1970s every Korean church in every denomination participated in the evangelization of the whole nation. Our goal is that all churches would cooperate to evangelize the whole world by AD 2000, but now the churches are disobeying this important teaching. They are missing the important goal_that we become one.

We are now in the age of globalization. Economically, the world is heading towards becoming one market. Protecting the environment is a global movement. With the mindset of becoming one worldwide community, we can protect human rights and overcome the problems of the poor, disease and suffering.

According to statistics, there are 22,000 denominations, 4,000 parachurch organizations, and one billion Protestant Christians worldwide. But we have never cooperated to evangelize the whole world with a wholistic strategy. Instead, our power has been divided. The theory of efficient cooperation is based upon Biblical and common sense principles that should be applied in this situation. This theory of cooperation should be learned by the whole church at this time.

In the Old Testament, when Israel had difficulties, all the people gathered together to repent and pray. Acts is the model of all revival movements. The secret is that Christians acted with one mind and with one body. To accomplish the gospel for every person, a church for every people, as well as the great Commission of our Lord by AD 2000, the whole church should cooperate with all its power.

We need a revolution that would shake us as an earthquake. The 4,000 delegates who are here now can become like the 120 disciples of the Upper Room Pentecost.

I worked for 37 years for Campus Crusade. A long time ago, God gave me a vision to evangelize Korea for Christ. When Communists are sworn into their party, they vow to four commitments: total acceptance, total commitment, total training and total action. We are planning along similar lines: train 1/10 of Korean Christians to become disciplers and evangelists. This training was simple, basic, and transferable, and ranged from ten hours to 6-day retreats. We also used our 200 page national evangelism standard text book. This training was tested and found to be successful, so we used it with thousands of Christians.

We next chose 300 churches to be models for church growth. We trained one tenth of their congregations. Within one year, those 300 churches doubled and tripled their membership, even up to ten times. This good news spread to the rest of the Korean church.

Then we planned training for the whole nation. In 1973, there were three million Korean Christians. We planned a retreat for training 300,000 (or 10%). The results of Explo '74 (held in August at Yoido Plaza) were a huge success.

Student Missions 2000

We plan to recruit and send 100,000 student missionaries as short-term or long-term traditional or tentmaker missionaries. Among the 1.6 million college students in Korea, 25%, or 400,000 are Christians. We plan to train and send 100,000 of these students every year for ten years. Thus one million Christian college graduates will become mission resources, either nationally or internationally.

If 100,000 SM2000 students are united to share the gospel, then the dedicated will be doubled. If they do not go to foreign fields as missionaries immediately, then they will become missionaries at their work place. They will cooperate not only in evangelizing the whole nation but also will be able to support financially, spiritually, and prayerfully behind the scenes.

For this plan, all students' missions organizations have been united into one organization. Those who become Christians will be nurtured by 323 large churches, who will be assigned a campus where they will concentrate their efforts. This is the Commission Program for Churches and Parachurch Organizations.

In August 1980 at Yoido Plaza, we held the largest evangelistic rally in history, the 4-day World Evangelization Crusade. Thousands made pledges to adopt one nation among 200 and pray for it, to support missions financially, to dedicate their children to missions, and to become missionaries themselves.

As a result, many student missions organizations are sending out thousands of missionaries around the world. Thousands more are in preparation.

We need Jesus' revolution on campus. Once before, rejection, demonstrations, rages, accusations, the wind of communism and student power reigned, but now all that has gone. There is only a pale fog, emptiness, and an intellectual vacuum. Maybe this is the last chance to share Jesus Christ. Before it's too late, let the new wind of the Holy Spirit blow over the campuses. We should hurry as in a state of emergency to mobilize these people. The Lord who has all power in heaven, gave us the power of the Holy Spirit, thus He can do this.


We are praying that when our nation will be united with the North, with a combined population of 70 million, it will be a powerhouse of Christian activity. We are aiming to be a missionary-sending nation with the maximum use of all our resources, including manpower, prayer and money. We hope that all involved in GCOWE '95 will find in our model some aspects which you could use to help your churches to spread the Gospel so that a church for every people and the gospel for every person by AD 2000 will become a reality.

_Joon Gon Kim, Seoul
Chairman, Korean Preparation Committee, AD 2000
Chairman, Student Mission 2000