A Declaration In Support Of Korean Students

Greetings to my beloved Korean Brothers and Sisters of the SM2000, AD2000, and many local churches.

We have just heard of the marvelous declaration of the Student Missions group and their commitment to help evangelize the spiritually needy students of the universities of Korea and the rest of the world. We, as well, have been here to witness the bold new commitment of the Korean students for world evangelization in their generation.

Therefore, we want to issue a challenge to all who are here that it is now time for the Korean students to spread their God-given fire across all the college campuses around the world, so as to promote evangelization, revival, and a newly inspired student mission volunteer movement that will raise up 100,000 new missionaries for the unreached peoples of the world.

Accordingly, thus, we, as the delegates of the Mobilizing New Missionaries Track representing 170 nations:

1. Do carefully and publicly endorse the goals and objective of this God-given Seoul Student Declaration.

2. Will pray and support this movement for mobilizing students around the world to reach the unreached.

3. Will commit ourselves to be partners with 100,000 Korean student volunteers.

I do this, as the International Coordinator of the Mobilizing New Missionaries Track, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and for His name to be named in every tongue, tribe, kindred and nation.

Pari Rickard

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