A Messsage to GCOWE '95 from the Honorable Kim, Young-Sam, President of the Republic of Korea, May 20, 1995

To Christian leaders from all over the world, my fellow Christians:

It is a great privilege to have GCOWE '95 in Seoul, Korea. I thank God for this great gathering, and I sincerely welcome each of you, the 4,067 Christian world leaders from 217 countries.

I would like to thank Dr. Thomas Wang, chairman of this consultation, Dr. Joon-Gun Kim, chairman of the Korean Preparation Committee and all of the international and Korean staff members for the preparation of such a significant consultation. I thank God for the splendid growth of the Christian Church and hope that you will be able to observe the Korean church during your time here. The Korean church, along with Korea itself, has become what it is today after experiencing many years of suffering and persecution. In spite of colonial oppression and poverty, division of the peninsula and the pain of the Korean war, the Korean church has continued to grow. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the Christians of the world who have supported and encouraged the Korean church to its present development. Now, the Korean church wants to share the joy of the present achievements with the brothers and sisters of the world who are still experiencing suffering and difficulties.

Dear Christian world leaders, the Christians have the responsibility to strengthen ethical standards and take leadership to bring moral changes in our societies and nations. Today's world is in great need for the love and service of fellow human beings and going beyond the interests of any one particular race. Jesus' parable of the good Samaritan may be viewed as the globalization of love and service overcoming national and religious boundaries. I believe that the life style of Jesus should be practiced in the life of every Christian in the world today. May this consultation be a great success to inspire Christians worldwide to be true lights and salt in the world. I express my deep respect to you who have taken leadership in spreading the gospel through prayer and mobilization in the spirit of sacrifice and service.

May you have enjoyable and meaningful conversations and fellowship with your fellow delegates and Korean hosts during your stay here. Please remember to pray for Korea and its peaceful and prosperous future. May God always bless your countries, your churches and your missions. Thank you.

The Very Honorable Kim Young Sam,
President, Republic of Korea

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