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"God is already sending us a small cloud. I feel the Lord is giving us the sound of abundant rain right now." So said Dr. Thomas Wang, International Chairman of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement, in the most rousing session of the first plenary session of HREF = "/gcowe95">GCOWE '95.

Yet as the Rev. Luis Bush pointed out, the consultation was "not primarily inspirational." The primary purpose of GCOWE '95 is twofold. First, to provide an opportunity in the middle of this decade to assess our progress and the remaining task. Second, to develop further strategies toward meeting the goal of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement: "A Church for Every People and the Gospel for Every Person by the Year 2000."

This consultation is unique in several ways:

Prior to GCOWE, Dr. Ralph Winter of the US Center for World Mission assessed this growing worldwide mission movement in these words: "At no time in history have we been so close to completing the preliminary penetration task of mission effort into all the peoples of the world. This is an initiative reverberating from the mission field itself. The AD2000 & Beyond Movement has enlisted more different kinds of groups, in more countries, than any previous movement in history."

DATELINE: May 17, 1995 -- Seoul, Korea -- Press Room

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