GCOWE '95 Participant Selection Criteria

Global Consultation On World Evangelization

A Mid-Decadal Global Strategy Meeting On World Evangelization


A church for every people and the gospel for every person by AD2000


Seoul, Korea


May 17-26, 1995


The purpose of GCOWE '95 is to encourage continued momentum building toward the fullfillment of the goal of a church for every people and the gospel for every people by the year 2000.



Expected Outcomes


Participant Selection Criteria

An active member of a local church, recognized by the national leaders and respected by the different segments of the church as in good standing in his or her immediate Christian community
A responsible Christian leader who is recognized in the specialty or interest area at hand.
Bridge Builder
Prepared to build bridges between God's people within the country and internationally.
Spiritual Maturity
Above reproach in his or her testimony; approved by church leadership in the country and with own accountability support structure
Burden for the church in his/her country and for the evangelization of the country. A person who desires to see a church for every people and the gospel for every person in his/her country and the world.
Team player
Works well with others. Can comfortably interact with others who might disagree with him or her while maintaining mutual respect.
Leadership qualities with organizational support
Has the support and organizational structure to develop resource networks within the country.
A person of faith
Prepared to trust God for finances to travel nationally and internationally
Ability to communicate
in one of the United Nations languages. English will be the primary language used, though there will be translation into the major languages of GCOWE '95.

Program Agenda

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