Day 7 - May 23, 1995

Today we feature the following article from guest writer, David Hackett, who serves as General Director, Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship (Tel. 206-747-7714). He reports the experiences of Jefferson Ritchie, who is writing from here in Seoul:

[end of article]
Thanks Jefferson and David!!!

Today's hours were invested in Tracks, which are smaller group meetings aimed at fostering the development of global or regional outreach plans based on common interest areas rather than on geography. Tomorrow, the conference goes into its final innings, with a day of regional meetings (e.g., continents), then a day of national meetings again on Thursday. Closing session is Thursday night. Since experiences in these individually-experienced sessions are so varied, it's hard to get a sense of where the conference is going, as a whole. I =can= say that the rooms today seemed buzzing with excitement.... reports, challenges, appeals, prayer, praise, singing, and much more. I can also testify that many seem very tired. At times, you can simply read the fatigue on a new acquaintance's face (as we've said before, in most cases we've had to leave the hotel at 7:30am and arrive home after 10pm -- with no chance to rest at all in between). In addition, there's been not a single day off since arriving. Some have joked that this conference might indeed go down in the Guinness World Book of Records... as the one that most resembled an endurance test!!! Another delegate quoted what he believed should become the AD2000 & Beyond key scripture verse... "We shall not sleep, but we shall all be changed!" [grin] It's hard to know how deeply this draining schedule has impacted the consultation. There's no doubt that many are sleepy in afternoon sessions. (In fact, today, we saw men in small group settings, right in the middle of sub-Tracks, sprawled out on folding chairs trying to catch up on rest.)

In addition, we continue to hear delegates wish that somehow the networking time could have been a more intentionally planned process. One representative suggested that perhaps there could have been free time in the afternoon in which organizations were asked to man "booths" with their displays, in a large "hall of halls". Delegates could then file through booths to make contacts and "network". On another day, key leaders/representatives from each country could be placed at booths (and there would be 190 of them!), allowing members of the organizations and churches to file through and meet =them=. You get the idea. As it stands, the Tracks ran all day, from 9am to 9pm, with time off only for lunch and supper.

A side effect of this lack of intentional networking time is that, as we've hinted before, there seemed to be little time for the average delegate to be involved in drawing up intentional strategies and action plans. On a stairway near the Cities Track today, one man explained that he thought this would be more of a "working convention" when in reality, it had been, for him, an "inspirational convention". Keep in mind that those are just individual opinions. We're sure that those who =were= successful at networking and building relationships would have other reports. We cannot overstate it that this does not mean that the consultation wasn't successful -- but rather, that it was just different than the expected outcome.

Also, as we've said before, we're a bit disappointed about the lack of a solid target. If it's a "church for every people" that we're shooting for, then getting a list of "every people" is fundamental. In spite of the fact that everyone apparently thought this was forthcoming, Patrick Johnstone, for one, arrived here with deep regret in his master hand (as he viewed the list). Johnstone is author of _Operation World_. He contributed to earlier versions of the people group list, but didn't get a chance to help with the final product, he said. As a result, at GCOWE, he distanced himself from the final product.

As for Brigada, we're probably going to urge users to check out the list being circulated by John Gilbert and the Southern Baptists. First, it is figured more on objective criteria -- some 79 parameters that he'll recall it so that he can update it each. Second, it's available. No waiting until 1998. No wondering about the subjectivity of the writer!

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The next time we write will be on Friday, May 26, after the closing of the conference. Pray for GCOWE!

Doug Lucas
at GCOWE '95 in Seoul

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