Brigada Coverage of GCOWE '95

This material comes from the Brigada distribution brigada-pubs-gcowenews.<> Here's the introduction to that conference:

brigada logo If you weren't able to make arrangements to attend the AD2000 & Beyond Global Consultation on World Evangelization personally, that doesn't mean you can't get up-to-the-minute reports on what's happening there, as it happens! Via this distribution list, you'll be able to get insight from onsite! :-) Reports will be signed by the contributor -- and hopefully we'll be able to send back the text from the Daily GCOWE Update, edited by Rick Wood (who can normally be found editing the _Mission Frontiers_ from the US Center for World Mission in Pasadena, with a circulation of 45,000).

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This is an open conference, meaning that anyone can join. But it is moderated, meaning that messages you send to the conference will not automatically be "broadcast" to everyone on the conference list, but will instead, go to a moderator.

Note: If you have questions about Brigada in general, please write to DougLucas@XC.Org. We hope God will use this service as a tool to help you<> stay better informed about GCOWE 95.

If you need any further assistance, contact helpdesk@XC.Org.<>

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