SE Asia Consultation - Declaration

Singapore, 5 March 1997
By Ed Pousson, Joshua Project 2000 Coordinator for SE Asia

A River of Life for the Healing of the Peoples

We, the 404 participants from 19 countries, have gathered in Singapore for the Joshua Project 2000 Southeast Asia Consultation, 2-5 March 1997. We have heard God's word and have celebrated the vision and reality of the River of Life flowing from God's throne for the healing of all peoples.

We believe that the Gospel has the power to break down every wall of hostility among all the peoples of the earth, and to make them one in Christ. We affirm God's strong desire that none should perish, but that every person on earth should be given real access to the good news of Jesus Christ within the context of their own cultural environment, through the emergence of a viable, indigenous, church-planting movement among them. Thus we heartily embrace the goal of a church for every people and the gospel for every person by AD2000.

As God's servants among the peoples of the earth, we renounce all forms of crusading triumphalism in the mission contexts of the unreached peoples. Our purpose is to see the gospel willingly embraced in every ethno-linguistic people in such a way that it meets their diverse needs, heals their deepest wounds, redeems their distinct culture, and restores their God-given dignity and destiny.

Toward this end, we have made a crossing of no return, and have humbly surrendered to Christ our Captain for the global cause of reaching the unreached peoples with His love. Therefore, as an expression of our obedience to the mandate of Christ, we embrace the vision of Joshua Project 2000. Shunning pride and paternalism, we will endeavour to influence our churches and ministry organizations to the long-term process of adopting and reaching specific unreached people groups of the Joshua Project 2000 list, giving particular consideration to the groups in Southeast Asia, and the regions beyond.

We will pray with passion, turning people-group information into fervent intercession. We will intercede for the unreached peoples with the compassion of Jesus. We will invite and inspire others to pray that God might send forth labourers into His harvest.

We will profile with perspective, building on existing research, and gathering new information that will meaningfully contribute to the advance of the Gospel among the unreached peoples. In the spirit of Joshua, we will magnify God's redemptive opportunities and providence above every obstacle, as we go forth, calling the peoples to freedom in Christ.

We will partner with purpose, preserving our unity in the Spirit, sharing our resources and information, integrating our strategies and ministries. As equal partners in a common commission, we will serve in humility among jointly adopted people groups.

We will pioneer with power, investing our God-given resources for the greatest advance of the Gospel ever. We join with the global body of Christ, endeavouring to see wholistic ministries and culturally relevant church-planting movements established in each of the remaining peoples that are without indigenous church-planting movements today.

We humbly acknowledge that apart from Christ, and apart from one another, we are useless, and can do nothing of significance in this great process. We invite all sincere Christians everywhere to participate in this cause. We ask the Lord of the harvest to turn our mobilization efforts into a missionary movement, resulting in people movements to Jesus among every unreached people group by the year 2000. For He is our peace, who breaks down every barrier in order to reconcile to Himself members of every people, nation, language, and tribe, creating in Himself one new humanity, reflecting the image and glory of the Father. (Ephesians 2:12; Revelation 7:9-10).

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