SE Asia Consultation - Day 3

Singapore, 4 March 1997
By Ed Pousson, Joshua Project 2000 Coordinator for SE Asia

The 404 delegates from 19 countries have enjoyed a second full day in the Southeast Asia Joshua Project 2000 consultation. In the morning devotion, David Shibley gave another moving challenge from the book of Joshua. And in the evening plenary address, Dr. John Robb, coordinator of the AD2000 Unreached Peoples Resource Network, reminded delegates that without Moses there would have never been a Joshua. And without the Exodus, there would have never been a crossing of the Jordan into the land of freedom. John pointed out that, in order for deliverance to come to the enslaved and oppressed peoples of the 10/40 Window, God finds and prepares people who depend entirely on his power, and move out in broken, prayerful obedience to his call, as did Moses.

Signs of Gods gracious blessings are seen, not only in the devotional and plenary sessions, but also in the interactive workshops. A participant in the workshop on the unreached peoples of the Philippines wrote, "God so united our hearts for the Palawano of the Philippines that we were down to discussing meaningful partnership from the first session! Plans for networking for church planting and a training center are now down to fixing dates, deciding on costs, etc."

Rev. Rafael Navarro, General Secretary of Asia Missions, is the facilitator of the Philippines workshop. He submits this report, "Seventy-eight tribal groups were re-grouped into eight, based on geography. The delegation of 55 leaders agreed to do a regional profiling workshop to validate the data on each of the tribes. This is scheduled for May and June 1997. The result of these workshops will be used in a national church mobilization conference in November or December. The goal will be to adopt a people so that a church will be planted in the next three years." Similar encouraging reports are emerging from other country/people group workshops as well.

The facilitator of the workshop on Prayer Mobilization for Unreached Peoples proposed "PrayerWave Asia," a plan to mobilize "ordinary" people in extraordinary prayer for unreached peoples of the region. The theme of this prayer initiative is, "Let My People Go," focusing on the deliverance of unreached peoples from the Pharaohs of their lands.

Delegates have also made the most of the unstructured interaction time built into the consultation. Here are some of their comments (from conversations during the networking time):

These and other comments point to one thing only: God is meeting with us in a unique and special way. All this is in answer to the prayers of faithful intercessors meeting in a prayer room on site from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily. Many others are praying at home and at work, and some are fasting. Prayer leaders have also mobilized international prayer support for the consultation.

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