Southeast Asia Joshua Project 2000 Consultation

2-5 March 1997 - Singapore

Some 400 Christian leaders from Southeast Asia and beyond will meet in Singapore from 2nd to 5th March 1997 for a Joshua Project 2000 Consultation targeting the least evangelized peoples of Asia. The theme is "A Church For Every People." "It is Singapore's great honour to host this consultation," says Archbishop Moses Tay, national coordinator of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement in Singapore. "We count it our privilege to serve the global Body of Christ in this catalytic way, to add momentum to what the Lord is already doing around the world today." The Holy Spirit is stirring the Church worldwide to finish the task of establishing a church for every people by AD2000. The role of the Asian Church in this final thrust is crucial. The majority of the world's Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Taoists live within the 10/40 Window -- the final frontier.

In addition, Asia will be fondly remembered as the birthing place of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement. It was in Singapore that the first Global Consultation on World Evangelization (GCOWE) was convened, officially launching the AD2000 & Beyond Movement. God is up to something big in Asia. We dare not trivialize His desires! Commenting on Asia's vibrancy, one Aisan leader noted: "Even secular writers such as Naisbitt observes that Christianity is growing as a somewhat surprising option in Asia." This is a kairos moment. We must seize the day and invest our spiritual resources strategically. There are staggering numbers of unreached peoples very near to us -- both geographically and culturally. We must pray. We must send. We must go. We must pioneer among unreached people groups still without a church today. It can be done if we all work together!

Purpose Of The Consultation:

To prayerfully identify and target unreached peoples in our region and beyond most desperately needing a church today To prayerfully facilitate and accelerate adoption of unreached peoples for prayer, profiling, and pioneer church planting efforts. To prayerfully form and strengthen people-specific partnerships among ministries in the region committed to cooperative church planting efforts among unreached peoples. To prayerfully present and promote models of training, sending and partnerships that effectively deploy short term prayer teams, profiling teams, and long term church planting teams to unreached peoples.

In December 1995, the AD2000 & Beyond Movement launched Joshua Project 2000 -- the largest, most credible, cooperative global mission plan ever devised. The goal is to pioneer a church planting movement among each of the 2,000 least evangelized peoples in the world today. Never before in Christian history has there been such a massive movement of churches, denominations and agencies strategically praying and working together toward the common goal of a church for every people by the year AD2000.

With the launch of Joshua Project 2000, God is transitioning His church worldwide from a season of wision-casting focused on the 10/40 Window to actual mobilization. Before us is the Promised Land of the Unreached Peoples. Revelation 5:9 says that there will be persons from every tribe, tongue, people, and nation represented in heaven. We cannot fail, unless we fail to try.

The Spirit is calling, the unreached peoples are waiting. The question remains: will the Church in Aisa be willing to seize the day, and cooperate with the global Body to "enter the land" in this kairos hour of His power?

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