Celebrate Messiah 2000


Celebrate Messiah 2000 will focus on the achievement of eight key objectives:

  1. Exaltation. We will exalt and honor the only One who is worthy of our praise and worship.
  2. Reconciliation. We will cultivate a spirit of reconciliation within the global Christian community.
  3. Unity. We will promote unity among brethren of diverse cultures and callings.
  4. Breakthrough. We will foster spiritual breakthrough among all peoples, especially those from the Middle East.
  5. Momentum. We will build momentum for the ongoing priority of world evangelization.
  6. Renewal. We will emphasize a renewed biblical focus in the Bible lands.
  7. Understanding. We will seek to understand what the Holy Spirit is saying to the global Christian community for the next generation.
  8. Preparation. We will help prepare the Body of Christ for the challenges of the coming century.

As these purposes are realized, the impact will be evident:

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