Celebrate Messiah 2000


The dawn of a new millennium deserves the most enthusiastic celebration of our lives, a celebration of the One whose arrival two millennia ago divided world history. We celebrate because He is the cornerstone of life, the author and finisher of our faith, the great reconciler between God and man. Messiah unites His people, and we exalt Him for who He is and what He has done. Therefore, it is important that we meet at this crossroads in time.

Beyond the fundamental premise for Celebrate Messiah 2000 are seven other critical factors:

  1. The world is moving from an age of unbelief to one of belief, in which many are seeking a faith that is rigorous, demanding and personal. Due to divine superintending of global events, a major shift in the spiritual balance of power is being experienced.
  2. With explosive growth and maturing of the Majority World Church in the 20th century, the global Body of Christ is positioned for an accelerated evangelistic thrust.
  3. Opportunities in the new millennium can best be taken advantage of through genuine partnerships and strategic alliances.
  4. The Host Committee includes Christians from various backgrounds reflecting the remarkable diversity of the Holy Land. Their ability to overcome differences sounds a call to the international body to respect and accept differences within the local body, and to deal with their individual differences with others in a Christ-like manner.
  5. The international coordinating committee, the AD2000 & Beyond Movement International Office, and participants attending Celebrate Messiah 2000 seek to maintain a spirit of unity and reconcilation.
  6. The worldwide Body of Christ is being invited by Christian leaders from the Holy Land for the purpose of achieving the mutually understood objectives.
  7. Selected participants are expected to embrace the biblical vision and imperative of world evangelization.

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