Celebrate Messiah 2000

Letter from Luis Bush


Momentous events have been a hallmark of the last days. Over the past decade we have witnessed the hand of God stir His people in strategic gatherings. Now preparation for what may well be one of the most significant gatherings ever held -- in the year that holds the greatest promise and in the place that has the greatest significance.

Five thousand Christian leaders from approximately 200 countries will unite in the Holy Land at the dawn of the Third Millennium. For seven powerful days we will experience the full meaning of our theme Celebrate Messiah 2000. This can be an extraordinary time devoted to exalting the only One who gives us life, hope and purpose. This event will also provide spiritual impetus for fulfillment of the mission to which we have been called -- a church for every people and the Gospel for every person by the year 2000.

Please pray for this unique event. Pray also for your possible involvement in this gathering. May God bless us as we endeavor to advance His kingdom and declare His matchless truth to all nations.

Luis Bush
International Director,
AD2000 & Beyond Movement

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