BEC '96 - 6-7 September 1996
SAVA CENTER, Belgrade, Serbia, FR Yugoslavia

of the

We, the participants of the First Balkan Evangelical Conference, led by the Holy Spirit, call on Evangelical Christians:

To protect our faith in the same manner in which the Apostles brought it to the Balkans; regardless of all that has happened and is happening, because "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever."

To restore hope in a world which has been left without hope, because we are certain that nations cannot live without direction and Christ has revealed to us the glory of God for which it is worth to live and die.

To abound in love becuase love is the only worthy basis of man's relationship with God, of man with man and nation with nation, which we consider especially crucial in these times of alienation and estrangement.

To not cease to regard righteousness in the Holy Spirit so that in all of our nations, apart from essential laws, virtues would be cultivated as well as the desire to do more for our neighbor than what is normally expected.

To preserve peace where it exists and to make every effort to establish peace where there is none, although we are aware that we cannot erase traces of the past in any way other than through the blood of Jesus Christ.

To not forget and thereby rob others of the joy of sins forgiven, on account of the comfort given to the repentant and on account of the Comforter who even today is mightily at work among us.

To praise God who has sent us His only Son and who will send Him again so that He might be all in all and that we remian a people set apart to worship Him from now and to all eternity.

Belgrade, September 7, 1996

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