Articles & Books


"Accountability Without Control in Cross-Cultural Partnerships" by Partner's International

"Facilitator:A New Role for Church Leaders" by<> Cornell Haan of Mission America

"Freedom and Dependency in Christian Partnerships" by Partner's International

"Keys<> to Effective Partnership" by Phill Butler and Paul McKaughan

"Ten<> Life Principles for Those Who Aspire to Impact the 10/40 Window" from the International Mission Board

"Training Know-How for Cross-Cultural and Diversity Trainers" by L. Robert Kohls with Herbert<> L. Brussow


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Caleb Project, (1998) Keys to the Nations: Articles to Inform, Guide, and Equip Advocates for the Unreached. Littleton, CO: Caleb Project.

Davis, Dr. Eugene. (1997) People<> Group Advocacy. Contact Gene<> Davis

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Rickett, Daniel. (booklet) Partnership that Builds Self-reliance. San Jose: Partners International.

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