Organizing an On-Site Prayer Journey

What is a prayer journey?

A prayer journey is a trip taken by a small group of believers into one of the 10/40 Window countries (or any country) to pray for the lost. There, team members spend extended time prayerwalking, asking God to bring the gospel to the people. While on-site the team may also collect basic information which researchers, missionaries, and other intercessors would find useful. Prayer journeys focus on "praying on-site with insight," and do not entail evangelism or mercy ministries.

Who may take a prayer journey?

Prayer journeys are for believers who have a strong desire to travel overseas to pray for their unreached people. They must be strong spiritually, emotionally and physically, for they will be "stretched" in each area. Journeyers must have servant hearts. Their pastor should recommend them. They need not be gifted as intercessors. Teams function well when there is a mix of intercessors, encouragers, exhorters, helpers and worshippers.

How do prayer journeyers receive<> training?

Christian<> Information Network (CIN) has many training resources available: classes, videos, and books. Their WindowWatchman books, are especially helpful, as they recount the experiences of many prayer teams who traveled to the 10/40 window during previous Praying Through the Window initiatives. If you are thinking of organizing or participating in a prayer journey, be sure to register with them and utilize their helpful resources.

The "Praying With Power" conferences ('97 and '99) in Colorado Springs, were sponsored by CIN and the World Prayer Center to train prayer journyers & home-based intercessors. The information presented at these conferences is valuable whether one travels or stays in their home country to pray for an unreached people. To read the daily reports from conferences, see Christian<> Information Network (CIN). To purchase audio and video tapes contact Fresh Video at 1-800-687-6077 or by Fax (719) 687-8195.

For more information about prayer journeys, go to the following web sites:
Prayer<> Journey Information at the CIN web site.
Caleb Project - Consider<> ordering Prayer Journey:<> A Leader's How-To Manual.

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