Friendly Face/Conduit Advocate
If your role does not allow you to share information, consider how you might commission a "Friendly Face" or "Conduit" advocate. --from the AdvoNet newsletter, Winter 1996.

Advocacy brings access for an unreached-people group to Kingdom resources. While security concerns demand caution, we must seek out partnership and cooperation. If we as advocates refuse access for our people groups, we may be hindering both Kingdom growth within our unreached-people group, and resource stewardship for those in the resource pool.

If your role does not allow you to share information, consider how you might commission a "Friendly Face" or "Conduit" advocate. This is a person you can trust with the information you need to share, but who can take a more public position, in many cases even actively seeking out ministry partners. This person might already be on your support team. A "Friendly Face" positions you for partnership, frees you up for ministry, and adds a level of protection for you.

From "John N." in the field:
"There have been many times since my beginning to participate in various Internet forums that Ive wanted to communicate freely about my unreached-people group but have not done so because my close ties to the field and concerns about Internet security.

A Friendly Face (FF) or Conduit Advocate could serve as a two-way door for specific communication about the group. Im not sure how wed work out all the logistics but it possibilities could include:

1. I see something on the Internet that warrants a specific response, I send the response via a secure channel to the FF who then forwards it to the desired recipient.

2. The FF could also be the person who pick up incoming email at (lets say) and either responds with information he has or forwards it via a secure channel to me.

3. The FF could handle paper mail queries for information.

4. Any additional advocacy roles -- recruiting, speaking, mobilizing, etc. could be worked out according to the interest and abilities of the FF."

See the Caleb<> Project web site, or contact their Advocacy<> Team for more information.

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