Advocacy - Introduction
Abridged from Advocay by John Hanna

Introduction to Advocacy
An advocate is one who pleads another's case or a person in support of something.  Each people-group advocate helps bridge the gap between a specific unreached people group and specific resources within the Kingdom of God. People group advocates (PGA), also known as people specific advocates (PSAs) are individuals who have committed themselves to one unreached people. Advocates focus on one unreached people to learn about them, their environment, culture, demographics, status, etc. They pray about how churches can be established among them. They network and partner with others to encourage their involvement.

Advocates Bring People Groups Into Focus
Unreached peoples need advocates within the Kingdom who will learn about them, pray for them, and call for cooperation in loving and strategic initiative. Advocacy builds relationships that form the infrastructure for cooperation.

Learning, Linking and Loving
Advocates learn about two areas: (1) about the people group, their culture, environment and current status, and (2) about the Kingdom resources: who is working with, or who could work with, the unreached people.

Advocacy Means There is No Such Thing As a Closed Country
Advocates can help find access for long-term and short-term workers.  Because advocates may work entirely outside of restricted areas, they can often operate publicly as an effective support to field operations.

The Two Most Common Types of Advocates
Field-Focused Advocates - The focus revolves around overseas initiatives, helping established ministries cooperate strategically, developing entry strategies, peacemaking, cultural research, and filling gaps in the existing ministry. "The Non-Residential Missionary" and "Strategic Evangelism Partnerships" are two field-focused ministries.
Resource-Focused Advocates - Resource-focused advocates work at home promoting the stories, needs, and opportunities of their unreached people group. Such ministries often include a newsletter with prayer updates, cultural information, needs and opportunities, or field reports.

Advocacy Registration (Located at the Joshua Project II website.)
If you are a people advocate, we encourage you to register your commitment using the People Commitment Registration Form (Located at the Joshua Project II website.)

John Hanna, was Advocacy Director of Caleb Project prior to his current position in the Media Department.  See the Caleb<> Project web site, or contact their Advocacy<> Team for more information.

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