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Partnership: the New Direction in World Evangelism
The Church as a Sending Agency

Abridged from documents by Lorry Lutz and Luis Bush

Church-based teams are another innovative way to harness the involvement and interest of a larger percentage of a congregation. Led by a highly committed senior pastor, the church recruits, trains and sends out a team of its own members to a target city or area.

Advantages for the Sending Church:

Those who have taken the risk and sent out a church-based team have found the benefits deeply gratifying. The atmosphere in the church resembles that of a family where a member is serving overseas. Every letter is avidly shared; personal events and disappointments become intimate matters of prayer. Family members can share failures as well as successes, so if one of the team is homesick or depressed he or she doesn't fear revealing that to the family at home.

Cautions for the Sending Church:

In spite of the tremendous benefits gained by the church, the question still remains, will these inexperienced and isolated teams be able to hold out in the face of hostility and isolation?  And more importantly, will they be able to plant a viable church in a hostile community?

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