- Partnering with Nationals

Partnership: the New Direction in World Evangelism
Choosing a Partner

Abridged from documents by Lorry Lutz and Luis Bush

The selection process takes anywhere from a few months to a year and answers the following questions:

  1. Do we agree on a basic doctrinal statement?

  2. What is the rationale for the ministry? Many national ministries do not have goals and objectives clearly articulated, but have a general idea of the direction they want to go. Is this in keeping with our purposes?

  3. Is the ministry transferable? Can it multiply itself over and over? Or would it have to be continually dependent on outside funds in order to survive? National ministries that are too dependent upon western technology and expertise, or too oriented to western philosophies of ministry are very difficult to multiply indefinitely.

  4. Is the ministry able to operate without outside funding? It may struggle, and not be able to reach out or develop new aspects, but generally it should be viable on its own. Independence is preparation for interdependence so that a ministry does not become totally dependent on outside funds.

  5. Does the ministry have integrity? How does the rest of the Christian community accept it? What kind of relationship does the leader have with other Christians? What are the financial policies and practices?

Click here for original documents from Partnership:<> the New Direction in World Evangelism by Lorry Lutz and Luis Bush, 1990,  InterVarsity Press.

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