- Field-Based Partnerships

 Interdev - The Power of Partnership
by Paul McKaughan

Down through time there have been particular truths from the Scripture that have been given the Spirit's high voltage illumination. These are the "now" realities that stand out in a unique way from many other of the Bible's injunctions. They demand our attention.

Partnership seems to me to be one such light-catching facet of God's singular jewel of revelation. Partnership is biblical, current and compelling. Our efforts will be judged by our faithfulness to its demands.

Long before "partnership" became a managerial buzzword or an accepted and even mandatory component of almost any strategy statement, Phill Butler and his colleagues at Interdev were hard at work developing the projects that produced the body of practical norms reflected in this presentation. Sure they studied the theory, for nothing is more practical than good, sound theory.
What set them apart was that they took the theory and got their hands dirty planting Biblical seed in the soil of real and often messy implementation. They applied the concepts, and the Spirit has thrust from the soil of reality fruit that testifies they were right in their application of Scripture.

There is now overwhelming evidence that partnership can multiply the impact of our efforts, whether of time or money. In this small volume you have the basics which have fueled a growing revolution in the way missions is being done.

A wise man once said that when most people finally recognize a life-changing trend, what they really see is the ship's wake as the vessel of opportunity passes out of view. Another person observed the most common response after a revolution is not "I fought for it" or "I fought against it" but rather, "I didn't know it was happening!"

Such is most assuredly not the case with Phill Butler and the men and women of Interdev. They have been the revolutionaries, the agents of proven change. As you read these pages, be ready to put into practice the proven principles they contain. Don't wait until the ship has passed and all that is left is the wake, and regret that you missed the boat. Don't be an uninvolved bystander.

Be a participant in one of the greatest revolutions impacting the Church and her mission around the world.

From The Power of Partnership: Working Together to Reach the Unreached , 1998, Interdev.

Paul McKaughan is President and CEO of the Evangelical Fellowship of Mission Agencies (EFMA). He serves on the Board of Directors for the AD2000 and Beyond Movement, was the Associate Director for the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, and is on the Executive Committee of the World Evangelical Fellowship (WEF) Missions Commission.

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