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 Interdev - The Power of Partnership
Action Steps for Ministry Agencies, Churches & Donors


A.  Action Steps for A Ministry Agency
1. Evaluate the ways in which you already coordinate with other ministry agencies and look for
    ways to increase effectiveness. Be prepared to give up what someone else may be doing more
    effectively. Focus on what you do best.
2. If you are already working in a region, find out about other mission efforts in the area. Participate
    in any information networks. Participation can range from joint projects to merely sharing
    information and extending hospitality to people from other groups.
3. If you are considering work among a new people group, find out what others are doing or not

    Check with a national or regional organization that knows the big picture. Know the Christian
    history for the region. It will speed your progress and help you avoid repeating the costly blunders
    of others.

     Depending on the role of your organization, you may want to support existing networks and
    develop work complementary to efforts already under way. Or you may move into new areas with
    few or no other workers or agencies.

     Prioritize your resources to reach those who have not had an opportunity to hear the Gospel, but
     work with others to make sure your contribution will have maximum effect.

B. Action Steps for Churches or Donors
1. Evaluate your current commitments in light of unreached people and what kind of coordination
    goes into the outreach.
2. In light of current commitments, begin a long range plan to make unreached people a priority
    for your resources. Remember the disparity of resource allocation only five percent is dedicated to
    unreached peoples.
3. Consider a "vision trip" to the field to see partnership in action. Numerous regional meetings
    and partnership events take place throughout the year in a variety of places. Contact Interdev
    for more information.
4. To encourage coordinated field efforts, simply ask mission leaders, "How does your work fit
    into the overall effort by all churches and missionaries to reach the people? In what ways are you
    cooperating with others who have the same goal?"
5. Check on ways you can use your resources to encourage mission leadership to reduce
    duplication and cooperate to maximize "leverage" of your giving.
6. If there is no existing partnership for a people group in which you are working or plan to work,
    consider starting one.

    Be open to dedicating personnel to the sole task of facilitating inter-agency cooperation. This may
    be the most beneficial use, in the long run, of a new person with the right gifts, both for your
    organization and for the Kingdom.

    Interdev can assist in getting such a partnership started, and in helping a coordinator. Training,
    both formal and informal, and support are available.

7. Develop a five year plan to increase your effectiveness through partnering.

Churches: If you would like assistance in evaluating your current church missions program, or assistance in adopting an unreached people group and linking up with an effective field partnership, contact Interdev.

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From The Power of Partnership: Working Together to Reach the Unreached, 1998, Interdev.

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