- People-Specific Resource Network

Joining or Forming a Network
Active Membership
by Steve Moore

 Churches seeking to join a network will have a more positive experience when they do the following:

    1. Make an adoption commitment to the people. A church which has not fully adopted the group or has not committed funds and/or personnel to the effort may not be taken seriously by the other members.  Register Your Commitment, using the People Commitment Registration Form (Located at the Joshua Project II website.) Registering your commitment will assists agencies in helping you to communicate with others also focused on your people.

    2. Become educated. Representatives attending the network meetings need to be able to talk intelligently about missions and about the people.

    3. Initiate direct relationships with other network members.

    4. Assess and affirm prior and continuing activity among the group. Don't let enthusiasm for your own projects blind you to the significant work done by those before you. Exercise humility and a teachable spirit.

Steve Moore, previously with Kingdom Building Ministries is now Vice President of International Ministries for Emerging<> Young Leaders.   In addition to developing young leaders around the world, Steve consults with local churches in the area of people group adoption and resource network formation.  Additionally, he assists churches and networks in developing people specific prayer mobilization tools such as videos and prayer guides, and provide training for survey and prayer journey teams.

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