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Joining or Forming a Network
Contacting Members of an Existing Network
Sample Letter

Those you contact may be cautious when responding to you.  Make sure you identify yourself and the agency or church with whom you are affiliated.  If possible, give references who live in the same country as the person to whom you are writing, so they can be checked easily.  It is recommended that you use letterhead stationary from your church. Following is a sample letter:

Joe and Mary Christian, Missions Committee
1st Church
1998 2nd St.
Hometown, USA
PH: 300-400-5000

 Dear Unknown People Network Member,

Greetings in Jesus' name!  It is my understanding from Christian Mission Support Agency, that you are a member of the Network for the Unknown people of Unistan.  As a member of the mission committee of 1st Church in Hometown, USA, we are pleased to inform you that our congregation has also recently adopted the Unknown people.

We are interested in greater involvement in the effort to see a church established among the Unknown.  Our pastor, Rev. Smith has encouraged our contact with others having a similar commitment. We would like to communicate with the Unknown Network and be considered for membership.

Our church address and telephone number is provided above. You may wish to verify that our church is affiliated with the Association of 1st Church Denomination.  The denomination's U.S. address is:  987 Church St., Someplace, USA  Ph:  404-505-6006  Fax: same.

An additional personal reference for us:  Mr. Kim, Personnel Director of Mission Sending Agency, 1234 East St. Anywhere, USA.  Ph: 111-222-3333.  We met Mr. Kim at a missions convention in 1995 and have corresponded regularly since then.

Thank you for your response.

Your servants in Christ,
    The Christians

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