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Joining or Forming a Network
When No Network Exists

When no network exists, it is important to prayerfully consider whether God may be prompting you to become the catalyst! A common denominator for those who promote an unreached peoples is a burden on the heart to see the Lord of the Universe glorified among all peoples. The person who takes the initial step usually will not be alone for long. It is just a matter of connecting with the others who are being raised by the Lord.  There are training seminars and consultants to assist and encourage. See Training<> for Advocacy, Networking, Partnerships.

As a catalyst you may wish to simply play the role of an organizer to bring those of like mind together. Some, however, may be led to an ongoing commitment as a people group advocate.<> Who are some of these individuals who have helped to launch a network?  Laypersons, retired missionaries, homemakers, real estate agents, non-resident missionaries, business people, missions committees.....and you?

The formation of networks may be as varied as those who initiate them:

Some networks are formed when an individual or agency simply contacts and encourages a meeting with the churches and agencies already focused on a people. See Locating<> Potential Networks or Members.

One network is in the formation stages because a Christian businessman in a small rural community went to each of the local churches and presented the vision for involvement among the unreached.  Several of the churches, from varying denominations have committed to adopt the same unreached people.  Their network begins within the community, for ease in praying and working together.  Once established they plan to include other national and international contacts.

Denominational networks have formed among churches within a district or those in the denomination sharing a common burden.

Other networks begin when field missionaries encouraged supporting churches to adopt the people and to then unite with others for prayer and coordination of efforts.

Some networks have arisen because an adopting church approached a mission agency about outreach to their people.

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