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Security: Sample Network Covenant

Many unreached peoples live in regions of the world where missionary activity is frowned upon or even illegal.  In those areas using security precautions such as the following, is crucial.  However, that is not to imply that these suggestions are necessary among every unreached people.  Agencies and field personnel can advise you on the security needs of your people.

Some networks have found it helpful to ask those invited to a special activity such as conferences or training workshops, where sensitive material might be shared, to sign a paper adhering to certain security guidelines.

For example one group uses the following paper:


I understand that I am invited to the XYZ Consultation as an observer. I understand that I will not be automatically invited in subsequent years. I understand that I am invited as an individual and not as a member of any particular group.

I understand the necessity of confidentiality concerning the business of the XYZ. With this in mind I agree to the following:

  1. I will not submit any written report of the proceedings of the XYZ in any form to anyone whatsoever.
  2. Any verbal report will be made with discretion only to one or two individuals close to me who are vitally involved in tent-making and prepared to adhere to these same security guidelines which I will share with them.
  3. I will not maintain in a filing system or pass on to anyone the names of those participating in the XYZ consultation.
  4. I will not put in writing in any prayer/news letter, etc., any prayer topics shared at the XYZ without the written permission of the person who shared them.
  5. I will not distribute seminar papers without the agreement of those giving the seminars.
  6. I will not discuss with others names/motives/locations of any tentmakers on the field, whom I may meet at the XYZ.
  7. I understand that any "reports" of the XYZ that I receive are for me personally and may not be shared without written permission from the XYZ Executive Committee.

I agree to abide by the above guidelines realizing that to violate them in any degree may bring harm to the work that the Lord has entrusted to His servants.

Signed ___________________________ Date _____________

Name and Address (please print) ______________________________________

When complete return this form to the XYZ secretary. Thank you.

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