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Security: Network Newsletters

Many unreached peoples live in regions of the world where missionary activity is frowned upon or even illegal.  In those areas using security precautions such as the following, is crucial.  However, that is not to imply that these suggestions are necessary among every unreached people.  Agencies and field personnel can advise you on the security needs of your people.

Abridged from the AdvoNet

Newsletters can be significant in drawing various agencies and churches together. They can provide a forum around which relationships and cooperative projects can form. A newsletter examines, analyzes, and articulates the news, needs, and the noteworthy among your people.

ISSUES to consider:

Have you done your networking homework? Have you spoken with key players in the community involved with your people group? Have you listened to them?

What are the security issues (if any) involved in sending out a publication with the evangelization of your people group as the subject?

How will you pay for your newsletter? Will you ask for donations, charge a subscription fee, ask an adopting church to underwrite the entire project for a year?

Who is your target audience? Churches and lay people, mission agency executives and workers all have overlapping, yet distinct informational needs. To whom will you be writing?

Who should be involved in which production roles?

Be Trustworthy. Do not pass on confidential information. Always ask permission to put things people share with you in your newsletter.

Be Humble.  If you are faithful, God will increase your capacity to influence others. However — not only is knowledge power, but it also puffs up. Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up; follow the way of love.

Serve.  Don't think of what you do as directing ministry, or even coordinating information flow. Think of yourself primarily as serving your audience, your peoples and ultimately God.  How you say things is as important as what you say.

Pray. In the words of Nike: Just do it!

Be Thorough. Try to get the full story before you print it, not just one part of it. Do not rely too much on hearsay.

Be careful.  In the 10/40 Window your newsletter can fall into the wrong hands easily. It can get people interrogated, incarcerated, deported and/or killed. Be wise as a serpent.

What Can You Put in a People-Specific Newsletter?

  • Testimonies and Motivational Stories
  • Ministry Opportunities
  • Current Prayer Concerns, Praises
  • Cultural Tidbits/Language Note /Fun Stories
  • Interviews
  • Mobilization/Organization News
  • Pictures, Maps, Drawings, Memorable Images
  • Conferences and Consultations
  • Research Review and Bibliography
  • See full documtent at Newsletters,<> Nations and New Things… Spring 1996, AdvoNet Newsletter

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