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Indonesian Update, October 1998

by Setiabudhl

The focus of the recent national consultation was on how to achieve the goal of having at least 2 church planters working among all 125+ unreached groups by the end of the year 2000. The priority has become the 84 groups with no known workers. With God's guidance, the leaders are asking groups and churches to focus in on an adoption that will also put feet to their prayers and be part of a process that leads to a church planting movement.

12 Assessment Levels in the Adoption and Church Planting Effort among an Unreached People Group

  1. Adoption to Pray:  At least one or two groups/churches have adopted the Unreached People Group (UPG) in prayer.
  2. Adoption to Pray:  Several or a good number of churches have adopted the UPG in prayer.
  3. Some individuals from the UPG become believers, but they are few and scattered in churches consisting mainly of believers from other ethnic groups.
  4. Cross-cultural evangelists are trained, sent, live among the UPG, begin work.
  5. A network of evangelists develops among workers focused on that UPG.
  6. A single congregation is planted in which the majority is from the UPG.
  7. Several congregations emerge in which the majority is from the UPG.
  8. Many congregations exist in which the majority is from the UPG.
  9. Second Generation Congregations are planted:  Congregations in this UPG plant (a) "daughter" congregation(s).
  10. Third Generation Congregations are planted: "Daughter" congregation(s) in this UPG plant "granddaughter" congregation(s).
  11. Fourth Generation Congregations are planted: "Granddaughter" congregation(s) in this UPG plant “great-granddaughter” congregation(s).
  12. Cross-cultural missions: Various congregations from this UPG begin to send cross-cultural evangelists to other ethnic groups.

Consultation Highlights

             + Gospel work among 21 groups in 1997 rose to 39 groups in 1998!
             + Christians were reported among 37 people groups in 1997 - rising to 72 in 98!
             + "Facilitator Teams" to catalyze communication and cooperation were present in ten clusters in 1997
                - rising to 19 of 23 clusters in 98!
             + Last year we had about 400 people at the main national conference - this year the total
                was 364 people in spite of crippling economic difficulty which raised transportation costs 2-4 times from a year ago. Report from October 1998 Consultation on Indonesian Unreached People Groups by Setiabudhl.

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