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The Place of Prayer

 Michael Little, President, Christian Broadcasting Network
        The monumental task of motivating the church to fulfill the Great Commission can be overwhelming.  However, Jesus taught us that he is the burden-bearer.  It is our duty and privilege to pray and to discuss these overwhelming responsibilities with him.  Yet we are to be specific in our prayers.
        We are to pray for the harvest workers (Matthew 9:36-38).
        We are to pray for the needed changes in ourselves that He wants to accomplish for His purposes (2 Peter 3:14-18).
        We are to pray that we will see the world with Godís love and compassion, as did Christian statesman Bob Pierce who prayed "to have our hearts broken with the things that break the heart of God".
        From our human view the physical means to reach the world is "do-able."  The technology exists to penetrate every geographic and political barrier.  Shortwave radio has reached around the globe for decades.  Satellite delivery of TV signals is now worldwide.  CNN television news demonstrates global saturation by being available on satellite over every country on the earth.
        The Christian Broadcasting Network, where I serve, now produces and distributes innovative television programs in over 35 languages in 50 nations.  Like many other ministries, organizations, and denominations, CBN is committed to evangelizing the whole world.  We know the importance of partnerships and enjoy the fruit of many strategic alliances.  We can see, then, in the practical realm how "easy" it is to reach all the unreached.
        But ours is a spiritual battle, for which prayer is the only answer!

Fred Markert, Chairman, YWAM Strategic Frontiers
        The battle for souls will not be won merely by raising money and sending people.  We can have the best strategies, equipment, and missionaries, but God is the only one who can take the blindness from peopleís eyes.  That happens through unceasing prayer (1 Thessalonians 5:17).  In other words, we must continue to pray for our particular assignment from the Lord until we see the victorious results.

From 100 GATEWAY CITIES of the 10/40 Window  by C. Peter Wagner, Stephen Peters & Mark Wilson. YWAM Publishers. 1995

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