- Strategic Alliances

AIMS: How Does An Alliance Work?
With agencies, churches and individuals working together to accomplish the alliance mission through:
  • Partnerships: a network targeted at reaching a specific country or group of similar countries, peoples or cities.
  • Projects: joint ministry tasks developed to reach a targeted country, people or city; with various ministries such as: church planting or leadership training, Bible distribution or mercy ministries.
  • Step 1:
    AIMS receives requests from an agency or church to oversee the development of an alliance for a specific people or nation.

    Step 2:
    An Alliance Coordinator works with individual AIMS members to determine agencies, churches and individuals with similar vision and goals for an alliance.

    Step 3:
    The Alliance Coordinator convenes a meeting with potential alliance members to mutually affirm the common goal and vision for the Alliance.

    Step 4:
    Working groups are established within the new alliance such as a steering committee of varied ministries to determine specific direction and decisions, and smaller partnerships developing work for individual peoples or tasks to research, pray and develop strategies.

    Step 5:
    Agencies are mobilized to share their networks and resources, churches are mobilized to share their people, time and resources, and individuals are mobilized to join with others committed to a common goal with their time and resources.

    Step 6:
    Further meetings are agreed upon to solidify an alliance agreement with: financial commitments, security issues, the alliance coordination, each participant's responsibilities, and special projects.  The alliance will meet together at least annually for continued communication, and progress evaluation.

    Step 7:
    A reporting system between alliance members and the alliance coordinator is established and implemented, providing alliance progress updates on a quarterly basis for the alliance.

    Step 8:
    AIMS and alliance members assist in promoting the alliance in their publications and materials.

    AIMS is an organization helping the Church obey the Great Commandment and fulfill the Great Commission by Advancing adoption of unreached people groups and building strategic alliances to target regions and peoples.

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