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The 10/40 Window

Getting to the
core of the core

The 100 Gateway Cities in the 10/40 Window

United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi 730,000Mid EastIslam
Ethiopia Addis Ababa 2,419,000NE AfricaChristianity
India Ahmedabad 4,396,000SC AsiaHinduism
Algeria Algiers 3,722,000N AfricaIslam
Kazakhstan Almaty 1,197,000C AsiaIslam
Jordan Amman 1,273,000Mid EastIslam
India Amritsar 837,000SC AsiaSikhism
Turkey Ankara 3,071,000Mid EastIslam
Turkmenistan Ashkhabad 407,000C AsiaIslam
Eritrea Asmara 1,069,000NE AfricaIslam/Christianity
Iraq Baghdad 4,511,000Mid EastIslam
Azerbaijan Baku 1,808,000C AsiaIslam
Mali Bamako 680,000NW AfricaIslam
Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan 110,000SE AsiaIslam
Thailand Bangkok 8,627,000SE AsiaBuddhism
Gambia Banjul 560,000NW AfricaIslam
China Beijing 12,332,000EC AsiaAtheism
Lebanon Beirut 1,543,000Mid EastIslam/Christianity
Kyrgyzstan Bishkek 710,000C AsiaIslam
Guinea-Bissau Bissau 130,000NW AfricaAnimism
Egypt Cairo 10,361,000NE AfricaIslam
India Calcutta 13,604,000SC AsiaHinduism
Morocco Casablanca 3,858,000N AfricaIslam
China Changchun 2,620,000EC AsiaAtheism
China Chengdu 3,528,000EC AsiaAtheism
China Chongqing 3,646,000EC AsiaAtheism
Sri Lanka Colombo 2,345,000SC AsiaBuddhism
Guinea Conakry 1,734,000NW AfricaIslam
Benin Cotonou 501,000NC AfricaAnimism
Senegal Dakar 1,847,000NW AfricaIslam
Syria Damascus 2,511,000Mid EastIslam
India Delhi 10,857,000SC AsiaHinduism
Bangladesh Dhaka 9,105,000SC AsiaIslam
Djibouti Djibouti 137,000NE AfricaIslam
Qatar Doha 340,000Mid EastIslam
Tajikistan Dushanbe 620,000C AsiaIslam
Western Sahara El Aaiun 186,000NW AfricaIslam
Japan Fukuoko-Kita-Kyushu 4,164,000E AsiaShintoism
Gaza Strip Gaza 1,073,000Mid EastIslam
China Guangzhou 4,184,000EC AsiaAtheism
Vietnam Hanoi 1,260,000SE AsiaBuddhism
China Hohhot 1,312,000EC AsiaBuddhism/Islam
India Hyderabad 4,208,000SC AsiaHinduism
Turkey Istanbul 8,143,000Mid EastIslam
Turkey Izmir 2,169,000Mid EastIslam
India Jaipur 1,969,000SC AsiaHinduism
Indonesia Jakarta 11,401,000SE AsiaIslam
Israel Jerusalem 518,000Mid EastJudaism
China Jinan 3,208,000EC AsiaAtheism
Afghanistan Kabul 2,051,000C AsiaIslam
Nigeria Kano 660,000WC AfricaIslam
India Kanpur 2,378,000SC AsiaHinduism
Pakistan Karachi 9,506,000SC AsiaIslam
Nepal Kathmandu 372,000SC AsiaHinduism
Sudan Khartoum 2,477,000NE AfricaIslam
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 2,183,000SE AsiaIslam
Kuwait Kuwait City 231,000Mid EastIslam
Pakistan Lahore 4,926,000SC AsiaIslam
China Lanzhou 1,803,000EC AsiaIslam
China Lhasa 120,000SC AsiaBuddhism
India Lucknow 1,391,000SC AsiaHinduism/Islam
Maldives Male 50,000SC AsiaIslam
Bahrain Manama 270,000Mid EastIslam
Iran Mashhad 2,450,000Mid EastIslam
Saudi Arabia Mecca 884,000Mid EastIslam
Somalia Mogadishu 849,000E AfricaIslam
Oman Muscat 177,000Mid EastIslam
Chad N'Djamena 729,000NC AfricaIslam
China Nanjing 3,073,000EC AsiaAtheism
Niger Niamey 430,000NW AfricaIslam
Mauritania Nouakchott 650,000NW AfricaIslam
Japan Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto 8,563,000E AsiaShintoism
Burkina Faso Ouagadougou 437,000NW AfricaIslam
India Patna 2,209,000SC AsiaHinduism
Cambodia Phnom Penh 2,827,000SE AsiaBuddhism
India Pune 2,971,000SC AsiaHinduism
Korea, North Pyongyang 2,471,000E AsiaAtheism
Saudi Arabia Riyadh 2,664,000Mid EastIslam
Yemen Sana'a 503,600Mid EastIslam
Japan Sapporo 2,300,000 E AsiaShintoism
China Shanghai 15,112,000EC AsiaAtheism
China Shenyang 5,493,000EC AsiaAtheism
Taiwan Taipei 3,561,000E AsiaBuddhism
China Taiyuan 2,596,000EC AsiaAtheism
Uzbekistan Tashkent 2,037,000C AsiaIslam
Iran Tehran 7,509,000Mid EastIslam
Israel Tel Aviv 2,092,000Mid EastJudaism
Bhutan Thimphu 121,400SC AsiaBuddhism
China Tianjin 10,995,000EC AsiaAtheism
Albania Tirana 427,000SE EuropeIslam
Japan Tokyo-Yokohama 18,527,000E AsiaShintoism
Libya Tripoli 1,828,000N AfricaIslam
Tunisia Tunis 1,935,000N AfricaIslam
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar 600,000C AsiaAnimism/Buddhism
China Urumqi 1,724,000C AsiaIslam
India Varanasi 1,193,000SC AsiaHinduism
Laos Vientiane 491,000SE AsiaBuddhism
China Wuhan 4,556,000EC AsiaAtheism
China Xian 3,417,000EC AsiaAtheism
Myanmar (Burma) Yangon 3,905,000SE AsiaBuddhism

1995 population figures are based on United Nations or Rand McNally figures, whichever are larger, with modifications based on in-city verifications. They have been collected by Viv Grigg and Leland Brown of the Urban Leadership Foundation, Pasadena, CA.

We apologize that the links to additional information on the cities and countries are no longer available.
That data was hosted on another web site, and that site no longer has the data available.

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